I feel great wonder, joy and curiosity in the world around me. My images range from thoughtful portraits of people to sweeping landscape panoramas to the often overlooked, but exquisitely beautiful, details of nature. With every image, I incorporate a sense of design that is either inherent in the subject matter or the result of my composition decisions.

Macro photography in the garden has opened up a whole new world for me, such as discovering an insect that is barely one-sixteenth-inch long with beautiful blue Aztec markings on its body, or watching a one-quarter-inch Cucumber Beetle deposit its tiny eggs on the petals of a Chrysanthemum bloom, ensuring survival of the species. These are details that cannot be seen with an unaided eye. Shooting with a macro lens reveals such little wonders which always amazes and inspires me.

I lose track of time in a garden, whether tending to one or photographing one, gaining tremendous respect for the natural world. My favorite moments are when I’m photographing a flower and hoping for a butterfly, bumblebee or dragonfly to wander into my field of view. Nature has never failed me. An insect lands on the bloom, I refocus, hold my breath and shoot. Serendipity can often turn a great shot into a breathtaking image, thus turning that image into a beautiful work of art.

I would like to believe that my images evoke emotions and stimulate the imagination of viewers so they will pause and be touched by the magic and beauty that is always around us.

When I'm not out in the garden photographing bugs and blooms, I serve as the owner and creative director of Dyer Design, a full service design and photography studio, providing clients a single source for the tools of publishing and marketing. With more than 25 years of experience, I work with associations, publishers and small businesses. Projects include annual reports, brochures, magazines and newsletters, books, logo design, and convention and trade show materials.

My work for the Hearing Loss Association of America and Hearing Loss Magazine garnered several Hermes Creative Awards in 2010. In 2008, I was the recipient of the Adult Category prize for Oticon’s Focus on People awards program for my design and photography work for the Hearing Loss Magazine. Oticon is a leading hearing aid manufacturer.

I also provide photographic services to my clients in the form of convention and meeting shots, event photography, corporate and staff portraits and assignment photography. I provide stock, feature and cover photography for publications such as Hearing Loss Magazine and Celebrate Home Magazine.

I was featured in American Photo magazine's second annual photography contest in two categories (portrait/glamour and nature), and interviewed and featured in the article "How to Grow Your Garden Photography Skills" on www.Nikonusa.com. My concert photography has been published in Relix magazine as well as on www.relix.com, www.americansongwriter.com and www.countryweekly.com.

Five of my botanical photographs were licensed by the United States Postal Services as stamps in 2014. On January 27, 2014, the USPS released a series of five fern stamps in 49 cent denomination in large coils for commercial use. They were later released in March as FOREVER stamps. Smaller quantities are available for purchase on the USPS online store.


The Fern stamp series was profiled in the "Talking Pictures" column in the July 2014 issue of Shutterbug Magazine.

I have written guest posts and provided photographs to www.flowershopnetwork.com. View the links below:





My first solo botanical photography exhibit, "Garden Muse: A Botanical Portfolio," debuted at the Horticultural Center at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, VA. The show ran from Feb. 28 through April 29. All works were for sale and 15% of proceeds went to Green Spring Gardens programs. There was a reception open to the public on Sunday, April 15. Appetizers and refreshments were served by Barbara Kelley of Kelley Hospitality. For a sneak preview of the show, please visit my Garden Muse show website in the link below. The show site was designed by my friend Sonya Mendeke. I would like to thank all my wonderful friends, family and colleagues who helped make the show a great success!

In October 2012, my friend Barbara Kelley and I launched our Celebrate Home Magazine, a quarterly lifestyle magazine featuring articles on homes, artists, crafts, hobbies, food, family, gardening and travel. I served as co-founder, art director and photographer. I did the layout and photography for each issue, as well as provided content and wrote some features. We produced four issues of the publication, culminating with the summer issue in 2013.

You can download all of our past issues of Celebrate Home Magazine FREE on our website at:
http://www.celebratehomemagazine.com. There is a link to purchase a beautiful print copy (at cost/no markup) from the online publisher, http://www.magcloud.com.


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